Alpine Youth Ministry is for 7th – 12th grade students and their parents.

Parents, we are so excited for you and your child to join us in exploring a relationship with Jesus and others.  We believe there is no greater influence in the life of your teenager than you.  It may not always seem like it, but there is no one more invested in their life than you.  Because of this fact we believe that there is no one who is better positioned to disciple your child than you, the parent.  We are passionate about this time in the lives of young people and their parents.  We believe that God has good things in store for parents and teens that will only happen during the middle school and high school years.  We believe this so much that we want to get to know your child and partner with you in ministry.

Do you remember what it was like being in a youth group when you were your child’s age?  Hopefully those are great memories, but that may not be the case for everyone.  Or maybe you’re like some and you don’t even have those memories.

No matter what your experience was or wasn’t there is one thing we want to do, partner with you and create an experience where your child can have a space to worship, pray, learn about God and have fun.  At Alpine we have a dedicated worship area just for teens.  This space has classrooms for the different ages, a game area, a great hangout space and café with a very talented barrista.  As parents we want our students to connect with other students, parents and volunteers so that they will grow in their faith.

Because of these things we have created a ministry where students discover and live a faith that is their own.  We want them to be true to Christ, be kind to people and share the message of Jesus with the world.  This is not an easy process, but it is a God ordained time where students discover life.  Truth be told they don’t always handle life well.  We know this.  You know this.  This time didn’t go perfect for us when we were their age and it is tough.  As parents, we are sometimes completely scared.

The Alpine Youth Ministry wants to partner with parents to love on kids with a strategy.  Without a strategy your child will feel like a problem to be solved and not a person to be loved.  Our strategy values your relationship and places kids in relationships and environments that will transform them over time.  

We use Huddle Leaders that are trained and have been background checked to work in group settings to share the message of Jesus.  We use other students that they will meet with week after week and that they can call friend.  We use special events to teach and live out what we teach.  Our students bring their friends to join and we grow.  Our parents invite their friends and we grow.

We use Wednesdays in the loft to eat, play games, worship, share a powerful message with our students and weave the truth of God through their life.  Each of these times are important and we want them to be consistent in their attendance.  Quantity times lead to quality times.  That is why we ask our students to come to our events and come to camp and serve on a service project and go on a mission trip.  It is also important that our parents get involved.  Our kids need to see us committed to growing their faith.  We want you as the parent to be the number one influence for Jesus in the life of our students.

The Loft: Is the home for 7th – 12th grade students.  The second floor of the ACESS building is dedicated to ministry through our students.  Twice a week students gather in the Loft to experience a combination of worship, prayer, games, music, a café and interaction with a dedicated group of students and adults.

Wednesday’s in the Loft [5:30 pm till 8:00 pm]:  Have you ever tried to find your way around a new school?  Being a teenager can often feel that way—even when you know where you’re going and how to get there it can be hard.  This can be intimidating and fun.

Wednesday’s in the Loft are designed to help students sort their lives out.  Caring adults and students lead through an inspirational time of worship with engaging speakers and heartfelt connections.   Students make new friends and deepen existing friendships while playing games, or enjoying something from the café.  In our times of worship and learning students explore their relationship with Jesus and how he can influence every part of their life.

Sunday’s in the Loft [8:30 am till 9:55 am]:  Faith is something that is caught more than it is taught.  We believe that if every teenager had a place to belong and someone to believe in them, it could radically affect their faith and their future.

On Sunday’s we gather as a group and then divide up into age specific Huddle Groups and go to classrooms for connection and learning.  Huddle groups are led by God fearing parents and volunteers whose own yes to God has transformed them into messengers of the gospel.  Huddle group times are not Bible classes or social times and the leaders are not coaches, counselors or surrogate parents.  They do bits of all those things, and at the same time, not any of those things.  Huddle groups are times of investing in a few students, not to make them better people, but to hand them a meaningful faith that couldn’t be accomplished in a larger group setting.

Parents of Teens Life Group [3rd Sunday at 5:30 pm]: We meet at a local restaurant for food, fellowship, prayer and encouragement.   The work of a parent with teens is not easy, in fact at times it is downright hard.  At these gatherings we let the Spirit move the discussion and let depth come from the relationships that are built.  These are times where we give mercy and grace to one another and our kids.  Check the blue sheet – News & Notes for the location of this event.

SNL – [High school only @6:30 pm]: 9th – 12th grade students meet for food, games and a devotional on the first Sunday of September thru May.  These times are a time for students to develop deeper relationships with other teens and talk about their faith.  Check the blue sheet-News & Notes for the location of this event.

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Lance Logan