Operations is the “brick and mortar” and “nuts and bolts” ministry.  We practice grateful stewardship with the physical blessings God has provided.  The Alpine campus encompasses over 25 acres, which includes a plant of over 80,000 square feet.  We also manage 40+ employees and a transportation fleet. We work hard to keep buildings comfortable and attractive, equipment operating safely and effectively, and employees supported through payroll services.  In addition, our staff oversees money matters, provides clerical support to ministers and ministry leaders, and manages an extensive database of our membership.  You may not see us at work on a Sunday, but if the building is clean and comfortable, the electricity and utilities are on, and the bulletin is handed to you upon arrival you know we are on the job.

Programs Include:

·       Facility management and planning

·       Facility, grounds, and equipment maintenance

·       Fiscal management

·       Payroll and staff support

·       Equipment and supplies acquisition

·       Clerical support for ministries

·       Security oversight


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Wayne Taylor




Rebecca Thomas