When we encounter Jesus he says, “Come, follow me.” The discipleship ministry at Alpine aims to encourage and equip members for this lifelong journey of transformation. Thankfully, God the Father has given his people concrete practices by which he conforms us to the image of the Son in thought, word, and deed by the power of the Holy Spirit: for instance, study of God’s word, service, deep commitment to fellow believers, prayer.  At Alpine, we are striving to walk in the Way of Christ.

As we walk with God in Christ, we see the fruit of the Spirit’s work in our lives. We find unexpected peace in difficult circumstances.  We are moved to reconcile broken relationships.  We find ourselves with decreased focus on self and increase focus on loving and serving those around us.  We marvel more and more at God’s amazing grace as we come to know God more and become the image and likeness that he created us to be. Please join us as we respond to God’s call to know Him and walk in His ways. 

Adult Classes

Our classes meet every Sunday at 9am. They provide an opportunity for study, community, discussion, and prayer.  Each quarter, we offer new classes on a variety of topics ranging from particular books of the Bible (both Old and New Testament) and biblical themes (like covenant), to Christian practices (like prayer and testimony), to theology and ethics, to how-to classes on parenting, etc.  Everyone is welcome at any of our classes, and we encourage you to jump in at any point! 

To see the class list for the current quarter . . . click here.

College Ministry

Alpine recognizes this important stage of life as one of the most fun, most rich, most exciting seasons of development. It can also be a season of feeling isolated or trying to figure out where you belong. If you are college-aged and desire to grow in faith and community - you belong here! Our College Group meets for bible class each Sunday at 9am and on Sunday evenings for study, food, and fun in various homes. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter for updates and info @collegealpine

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