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How can I become an Alpine member? How can I connect to Alpine classes, groups, ministries, and programs? These are two very important questions.

Whether you are a first time guest, returning guest, new member, or long term member, Alpine’s ministry team and numerous ministry leaders are ready to help you make meaningful connections and plug into purposeful ministry opportunities.

Alpine’s greeters are ready to welcome you, Care Team members will provide helpful information and timely assistance, and our Connection Ministry leaders will offer ongoing support to help you connect to classes, groups, ministries, and programs.

Two ongoing classes or sessions initiate the membership process and streamline significant connections:

1.     Discover Alpine – This one time class or session is offered to all first time and returning guests. Discover Alpine leaders discuss Alpine’s Vision (see attached link), provide important information, and answer participants’ questions. The Discover Alpine class normally meets the 1st Sunday of each month. Discover Alpine private sessions are scheduled at available times for any guest or interested person who cannot attend the monthly class. Discover Alpine is the initial step of the membership process.

2.     New Members Orientation – Following membership announcement, an orientation session is scheduled at a convenient time and setting to assist new members with meaningful connections. A newcomer’s packet of beneficial information introduces new members to key leaders, current classes and groups, and a host of ministry opportunities.

Our goal is to help every guest and member connect to a class group, a Life Group, and a ministry.

For more information about ministries and groups, click on any of the links on this page or contact Rodney Cox at

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